5 Must Haves For Your Skin This Fall: Merle Norman

With fall comes dry skin, but here at Merle Norman Grapevine, we make sure that you are ready for the cool, dry weather by prepping your skin to win! Here are 5 must haves for your skin this fall, as recommended by the team at Merle Norman!

Anti-Aging Moisturizer

A moisturizer that not only keeps your face smooth and moist but help fight the signs of aging? What more could you ask for? This facial moisturizer, made of anti-aging ingredients, will be sure to clear any wrinkles, smooth out your skin tone, and protect from the harsh weather of the fall. This product not only moisturizes but strengthens and rejuvenates the skin on your face and neck.

Moisturizing Lip Mask

Don’t forget your lips! We certainly haven’t with this lip mask designed with no synthetic colors or fragrances to moisturize your lips. It comes from soy extract and has natural antioxidants that are sure to soften your dry lips in the cooler weather.

Hemp Argan Oil Body Moisturizing Lotion

This amazing product is perfect for keeping your skin moist and smooth all season long! Made of pure hemp seed oil and extract, it’s designed to promote moisture balance. It will hydrate and sooth your skin, making it oh-so-soft to touch. It also comes in a deliciously exotic scent that will almost tempt you to eat it! That makes this the first of our 5 must haves for your skin this fall.

Moisturizing Foot Butter

We haven’t forgotten how important it is to keep your feet just as soft! This  product comes from natural honey and beeswax, which draws in the moisture. This will help you to rehydrate and soften dry feet. It also has the luxurious scent and feel of natural shea butter which will keep your feet feeling content all day long!



Moisturizing Facial Sheet Mask

Nighttime is the perfect time to bring much-needed moisture back to your face. With this product, you can revitalize the crucial moisture that your dry skin desperately needs. It is Hydroquinone-free and works on all skin tones. And it won’t leave any unwanted oiliness!

We hope that our list of the 5 must haves for your skin this fall has helped you know how to keep your beautiful skin soft, smooth and supple. Make sure you get your skin prepped for Fall and head to Merle Norman Grapevine Towne Center!

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